Unidos Christmas store!

Unidos believes that the magical moment of seeing a child’s eyes light up when they open the gift they wanted is a moment intended to be shared as a family. Parents are working hard all year long to provide for their kids, and we want to provide a small boost to help them enjoy the generosity of the holidays.

So this December will be our fourth annual Unidos Christmas Store!! At this weekend pop-up, donated gifts are offered to the residents of our low-income neighborhood at a fraction of their value. The goal of the store is to make the holiday tradition of gift-giving more financially accessible to all of our neighbors, which will be even more important this year after the vast majority of our neighbors have lost income and continue to struggle financially due to Covid-19.

Best option is drop off place:

Amazon Wish-list

Give money, and we will buy the toys that are most needed!

Take a look below at the ways you can participate, and email john@unidossouthoc.com with any questions. As you shop or donate, take some photos of yourself, your family, your toy drives, and more! We will be reposting photos that use the hashtag #unidoschristmasstore on Facebook and Instagram.
Start now, as inventory patterns have been interrupted by the pandemic and there may be shortages later in the season. Last day to drop off donations: December 10th.

Donate toys by shopping online

We’ve put together a wish-list of the most exciting toys and cultural icons in our neighborhood! We’d love to see these items line the shelves of our store. Shop our wish list on Amazon.
Ship all items to Unidos South OC at the address linked in the wishlist.

Go Shopping!

That is right! Go shopping! Best ideas? Take your own child, have them pick out what they want, buy it and drop it one of our locations. Need to know of a drop location, email us!

Or at Costco? They have many options! Grab a toy or technology for a pre-teen!

Donate funds

Give directly to the Unidos Christmas Store! We’ll get the most out of your dollar by putting it to strategic use purchasing the gifts that are most needed.

Host a Toy drive

This is one of our favorite ways for people to get involved! Whether you are a group of employees, a local church, a book club or a group of friends, hosting a toy drive is for you! It’s a safe and effective way to let your generosity become contagious, involving more people in the joy of giving. You can use our wishlist as a guide, along with the pointers below. When your gifts are gathered, just email john@unidossouthoc.com to arrange for a time to drop them off.

Donate Here:

“This will be the best Christmas my kids have ever had” – Mom 2019

Drop off locations:

Purchasing Pointers:

  • Unidos will price items at around 50% of their retail value. The store will need a wide range of prices in order to accommodate parents in our neighborhood of varying financial resources.
  • For mid-elementary and teens, parents are looking for ONE super nice item to show their kids they are worth splurging on. Think trendy and brand-name. We have seen parents save up and purchase at our discount some high quality items like refurbished game systems, computers and phones. Technology will be in extra-high demand this year.
    The Unidos Christmas Store only needs about 10% items intended for children under 3. For these, the quality and brand are not relevant.
  • Any new clothing or new books donated will be included in our Prize Fridays, not in the Christmas Store, as we have seen that parents do not prefer these items as Christmas gifts.
  • Other than that, just have fun! Think of your own kids and grandkids; whatever they’re asking for this Christmas is probably the same thing we need in the store.

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