2020...Oh, what a year!

The good news? We still have a choice. The choices are a temptation toward despair, or an invitation to count our blessings and leverage them for the blessing of others.

The reality is that all of us have experienced hardship this year, but for some the impact has been greater than for others. In addition to the health and economic disparities, kids in our neighborhood are experiencing an academic crisis. Educational inequities have become more profound.

But YOU have the power to change that!

Here’s how:

We are calling Unidos champions to come together to raise $110K in year-end giving. With this, Unidos will hire an Education Director to provide Covid-safe academic programs. Your giving will also go toward the purchase of a van that will increase kids’ access to enrichment opportunities that impact their educational outcomes.

You have a chance to change the story for these kids.

Your gift will be a blessing to a vulnerable community.

Let’s put 2020 behind us and make 2021 more equitable and more compassionate by loving our neighbors and giving toward this goal.

Will you give a gift today to build a stronger community tomorrow?

God’s people, since Abraham in Genesis 12,  have been called to be a blessing.

Join us in living out God’s values of mercy, equity and justice as we leverage what we have for the blessing of our neighbors.

Unidos South OC is a non-profit organization (Tax ID: 82-3510252)

strengthening under-resourced neighborhoods in San Juan Capistrano.


PO Box 1874, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693

949-326-0320 info@unidossouthoc.com

@unidossouthoc – about Unidos programs

@sjcunidos – Spanish-language message board

Photo credit cover art @thiswildromancephoto

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