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Perhaps you noticed the young family pushing recyclables down the sidewalk, and you wondered what their life is like.  Or maybe you signed up for a service event, and finished with a sense that it wasn’t enough.

Unidos South OC shares your heart for the pain in our community and understands that only a long term relational approach will result in a flourishing community. We are changing the conversation from “What can we do for you?” to, “What is God already doing in and through your neighborhood, and how can we join him?”  Neighbors are no longer recipients, but active agents of change, inviting others to join them.

This is long relational work, not a one-stop, one-directional service.  Transforming people is harder work than providing a service, but it is infinitely more valuable.

You have the opportunity to make that happen!  By becoming a Unity Partner, you are supporting long-term goals of community development, resulting in a flourishing community, united across ethnic and socio-economic divides.

Unity Partners are financial supporters like you who give on a monthly basis. This allows Unidos to plan with the assurance there will be the financial resources needed. In return, we’ll in touch and update you on how God uses your gifts of financial support.

You can make your Unity Partner gift today.

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