At the core of Unidos are three things: the Margin, the Church and Cross-barrier Friendship

The Margin. Throughout scripture we see a theme of God reversing the normal way.  The younger brother receives the inheritance, the lowly will be lifted up and the last will be first.  Through His people, God is making a new world according to His values. He is changing everything by bringing priority, focus and honor to those who in this world lack it.  Unidos is joining Jesus in His upside down kingdom by focusing on those who remain out of the world’s focus.

Church. The Church is Jesus’ body – His primary means of acting in the world.  Unidos serves the Church by helping her answer the question: What does God want to do on the margin of South Orange County that we can do better together?  By helping local congregations collaborate in strategic action, Unidos facilitates Church-wide unity in mission to the margin.

Cross-barrier Friendship. God does His best work through relationships.  However, to build friendships between the margin and the Church, there are barriers in the way: socio-economic differences, cultural differences and ethnicity.  We must cross those barriers to build genuine friendships.  When we do so, everyone wins.  The Church learns to prioritize love over our assumptions and comfort, making us more like Jesus.  The marginal community benefits materially from the overflow of the Church’s love for them, showing them what God is really like.


“We have always loved the Church, children and cross-cultural ministry.  As high school students God called us each into ministry, largely through the experience of serving on short-term ministry teams.  He further clarified that calling with our special heart toward children and our commitment to the local church.  John served as the Director of Children’s Ministry at a local church for two years before beginning with Every Generation Ministries in 2003. For 13 years we followed this calling, developing national ministry teams that work to see children transformed in Christ through His church.  Eight of those years we lived in Lima, Peru.  Upon our return, God reignited a dream we had had since 2000 to live and work among the Spanish-speaking population of San Juan Capistrano. Now he is using our cross-cultural ministry experience, our love for the church and our compassion for children to begin a new season of ministry here in South Orange County.”

John and Heather Chapman live in San Juan Capistrano with their four children.