Can you help a child with Homework? Serving our community for 2-4 hours/week helps give kids the support they need to thrive.

Volunteer with Unidos

Come, make an unlikely friend, love and be loved through action and relationship

Best way to get started

Children are a great way to get to know someone knew, help someone out and love your neighbor.

Volunteer options:

Elementary Homework Club – weekday afternoons
Unidos Youth – Wednesdays 5-8pm
Special Events and Projects


Step 1: Apply

Fill out your application online


Step 2: Interview and Background check

We will get back to you for a quick interview and then conduct your background check.

Step 3: Volunteer

Once your application is approved, one of our Program Leads will reach out to you to schedule a volunteer orientation and get you on the calendar to volunteer!

If you have an questions email:

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